Born Lee Humphries, in Hall Green, Birmingham, England on 15th December 1961, and changing his name to Duke upon his mother remarrying in 1970, Lee attended first Chilcote and later Salter Street Primary Schools. He completed his secondary education at Henley in Arden High School, before joining the British Army in 1978. While in Ash Vale near Aldershot, he also attended Farnborough College of Technology, before being trained at the Joint Services School of Radiography in Woolwich London. Qualifying in 1984, Lee was then posted overseas for most of the remainder of his 17 years in the Army Medical Services.

Having been introduced to the heavier side of rock music in the forces, he developed an encyclopedia like knowledge of his favorite musicians and a large music collection. Lee also began writing lyrics, and later turned some of them into songs with a writing partner. While based in Cyprus, Germany and in particular Belize, Lee also gained experience on the Forces Radio, which led to him working as a freelance radio presenter in Hong Kong in 1988-90. Upon his mobilization during the first Gulf War, Lee entertained the members of 32 Field Hospital with a weekly quiz night, and by producing an unofficial ‘rag’ entitled “The Snifter”. This was his first foray into the world of publishing, and sowed the seed for his later writing career.

Like many other forces personnel, Lee felt alienated when he returned to the United Kingdom and emigrated to the one place he had identified with during his many travels. Arriving in Australia he worked as a Radiographer, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist in Coffs Harbour, before moving further north after the birth of his daughter. He has remained on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland since then, and continues to work on his next novel ‘The Unsired; Vampire Lords’. He lives with two rascally cats, named Ziggy and Sookie, who continually walk all over his keyboard to demand attention, and are the real cause of any and all of the typo’s found in his books.

The Unsired: Vampire Hunter is dedicated to the memory of Lee’s father Patrick Hansen Duke, an avid reader who both encouraged him to read, and inspired him to write. Dying peacefully in his sleep at the age of only 67, Patrick was a retired Police Sergeant who suffered with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) for nine years. “We never used the word ‘step’ in our relationship, as he was the man who raised me, and taught me wrong from right. He wasn’t just my father, but like he was to so many other people, he was my friend, and like everyone else who enjoyed his company and shared his wisdom, I miss him”.

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