The Unsired Vampire Hunter



Throw away your crucifix, for it will not protect you, not in this chillingly original take on the vampire legend. It’s a tale of bloody revenge that will expose the modern day workings of the Vampire Clans, and their constant war with those that would hunt them to extinction. A story that explains away the myths handed down through centuries of ignorance that keeps us from believing the horrifying truth about the real vampire’s living among us today.

It is the winter of 1362 in what was then a small Lithuanian farming village on the edge of the Carpathian Mountains. A man and a child lay dead, their throats savagely ripped open and their bodies drained of blood. The man’s pregnant wife on hearing the news goes into premature labor, giving birth to an underdeveloped baby boy. The infant is not expected to live, and the mother remains weak and sickly. The attending midwives leave the two of them alone to share what precious moments they have left together.

The creature responsible for the attacks is an injured vampire being chased through the nearby forest by a band of determined Hunters. In its need for blood to repair its injuries and replenish its strength the vampire doubles back, losing the Hunters in the process. It re-enters the village hidden from sight by the raging storm and the dark of night. Breaking into one of the small homes it feeds on the defenseless mother as she clutches her newborn baby protectively to her breast. In the course of his savage feeding the vampire unknowingly allows some of his own blood and that of the mothers to spill into the infant’s mouth. The blood feeds and nurtures the dying infant turning him into something very, very different. This horrific act will set in motion a series of events that will leave a trail of death and destruction across seven century’s and three continents, before it finally reaches the new lands of America.



Like a mix of “Blade” and “James Bond” directed by Tarantino, more please, loved it.



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