The Unsired Vampire Series



In The Unsired Vampire Series, Vampires exist. Not the angst ridden teenagers currently tugging at young girls heartstrings as they glow in sunlight on our movie screens. Not the suave dark suited European accented men in capes, that could become mist or turn into bats or wolves, and certainly not the sex mad schemers whose fangs click down in place of their second incisor teeth on television.

Real vampires have existed for hundreds of years and they are more than happy to stay hidden from the public perception. They laugh at all the Chinese whispers that over the years have developed into the legends and the myths that surround them. You see each and every one of these false rumors keeps us ignorant of what a vampire can and can’t do, what can and can’t hurt them, and worst of all these rumors allow them to walk around among us undetected.

Vampire’s don’t fear the crucifix, they don’t have a problem with garlic, apart from it having a particularly strong scent that can interfere with them tracking their prey, and while they don’t particularly like a lot of sunlight, they don’t glow, explode or burst into flames upon exposure to it either. Vampires do need human blood to survive, and they do fear the stake in the heart which immobilizes them. To kill a vampire you need to decapitate them and or incinerate them. Just be careful if you are trying to kill a suspected vampire though as they are faster and stronger with far keener senses than we normal humans have.

So why haven’t they taken over the world then? Well actually they tried that way back in the 1200’s. Large clans of vampires started to gather and younger vampires were sired (created) to swell the ranks of the various clans as they fought for control of the mid European lands around Russia and what was then a much larger Lithuania. Once the war was over the clan leaders realized there were too many vampires and not enough humans to feed upon. With hundreds of years of experience comes a certain amount of wisdom and the vampire elders selectively culled their own victorious army. By controlling their own numbers they could effectively allow the human population to flourish once more, and they could once again become the secret hunters that lived only in myth and legend.

The vampire clan wars decimated the human population and the vampires almost starved themselves out of existence. However the reaction from some of the surviving humans was to become aware of the vampire, and they sought ways to destroy them. Most died in their attempts to fight back, but gradually more and more people were recruited to the cause and they were quick to become organized and even quicker to learn (if they survived) from their mistakes. Soon Hunter groups were formed and villagers banded together against the threat of the vampire. The vampire elders became aware of these Hunters, but after careful consideration chose to ignore them, after all humans only lived around forty to fifty years, so within three generations they would once again be forgotten about if they returned to their old secretive ways. The vampire elders were correct, and the old tales that were passed down became greatly exaggerated and eventually bore no real truth in them and caused the general population to consider the vampire a thing of fantasy.

Lucky for us those early Hunters kept journals and secretly passed their information around between them. More people have continued to learn the horrible truth for themselves by somehow surviving vampire attacks or exposure to the truth, and over the years they too have joined these secret organizations of Hunters. Now with global communications and munitions being as advanced as they are, the Hunters are starting to have an increasing effect upon the balance of power. Their one and only aim is to wipe out the vampires among us, and anyone who helps them. The Hunters are not hampered by laws and lawyers and courts and justice systems, their only motivation is that most powerful and destructive of human needs, the need for vengeance.

The vampires though have become lazy and comfortable in their own secrecy. They have set up their own clubs where selected humans can become their all too willing companions and allow the vampires to feed on them hoping to eventually be sired into the vampire ranks themselves. The growing problem of international people smuggling no longer just supplies sex slaves and prostitutes to the shady gangsters of the underworld, but it also unknowingly supplies victims to be fed upon in vampire clubs around the world. The vampires have unlimited funds available to them from years of investment strategies and careful manipulation of the humans around them, and they have humans aligned with them in positions of power. They are now suddenly being made aware of the extent to which the Hunter organizations have grown, and they are preparing to fight back once more to tip the balance in their favor.

Caught in between these two warring parties is one man, he is also driven by the need to avenge the murder of his own family and the circumstances that led him to his own cursed existence. He is alone, he is different, he is “The Unsired”, one who should not exist, but does, and this is the beginning of his story…

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