Underworld 4th Instalment Coming

UnNderworld-VampiresJust read over the weekend in the latest SFX that the fourth instalment of the Underworld films will be hitting cinema’s early in 2012. Being a huge fan of the first three films this is obviously exciting news to a vampire novelist like myself. There are two main reasons for my excitement level peaking;- 1. The previous films have all been high quality with excellent production values and some interesting twists on both the vampire and werewolf legends, 2. I love seeing Kate Beckinsale dressed in her black leather outfit.

Hearing that the story will both progress forward from the conclusion of the Evolution film and fill in the gaps between Rise of The Lycans and the original film is also great news as far as I’m concerned and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take things as well as seeing Bill Nighy’s Victor get his teeth into young Selene as he sires her into the ranks of the undead.

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