Twilight Vampires

Since I’ve set up my vampires as scientifically different creatures to us regular humans rather than being some supernatural entity I thought I’d confer with you all about your thoughts on the matter. As some of you may be aware I’ve used the following slogan on my promotional stuff.

”The Unsired Book 1 Vampire Hunter by Lee Duke. A new adult vampire series for those who don’t believe vampires glow in sunlight”.

This is on the back of the shirt and on the business card too.

So how do the fans of vampire literature feel about the Twilight approach to making the vamps hundred year old angst ridden teenagers who hate being so powerful and eternal? Is it a good or a bad thing to broaden the appeal of the vampire by putting hot young guys into the lead roles (my 14 yr old daughters opinion, not mine I hasten to add).

vampire-mirrorFrom my point of view I enjoy all vampire films to a certain extent and see the Twilight series as being something that draws more attention to all the vampire films and literature, so that’s not a bad thing. Where I disagree with films that have people turn into a vampire two seconds after being bitten or for a ten second bite to leave someone dead, I do tend to ignore those things and try to enjoy the story. As it stands the Twilight series does a better job of it’s vampire lore than a fair few others so I have no problem with them and can enjoy them.

With my own novel I’ve aimed at explaining all the vampire lore as so many Chinese whispers that have been passed on down through time. This has left us all either confused or ignorant about what the vampires can and can’t do and how you can and can’t hurt them.

I’d be interested in your feedback on the point of scientific verses supernatural. Should the vampires be at the mercy of a crucifix? If so then what happens if the vampire concerned was Jewish before he was turned etc.

I’d be interested in the opinions of other vampire readers regarding these points.

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