Lyrics By Lee



Here you go a list of all the songwriting lyrics I’ve written so far, and the suggested artist I feel would be best suited to recording the finished song:

  1. Come Back To Me (Chris Isaak)
  2. Shotgun Wedding (Bryan Adams)
  3. Pushing Up Daisies (from under the ground) (Alice Cooper)
  4. Its Over (Phil Lynott inspired)
  5. I’ll Be There When He’s Gone (Joe Cocker)
  6. It’s Tough On The Street (Alice Cooper)
  7. We Gotta Change It Fast (World anthem)
  8. This Is A Song For While I’m Away (Elton John)
  9. Wha Cha Got (Pink)
  10. Slot Into My Groove (Pink)
  11. Baby You’re So Hot (Male fronted R&B)
  12. Asylum (Alice Cooper & Ozzy Osbourne)
  13. You Wanna Rock n Roll (Alice Cooper)
  14. Whips And Chains Excite Me (Alice Cooper)
  15. I Want Someone Tight (Nicole Scherzinger)
  16. Lying Is A Sin (Pink)
  17. Oh Mamma (Phil Lynott inspired)
  18. Stick It To The Man (Bryan Adams)
  19. Riding Into The Desert (Judas Priest)
  20. Daddy Daddy I’ve Done Wrong (Pink)
  21. Not Impressed (Pink)
  22. Don’t Fall Asleep (Alice Cooper)
  23. Love You Need You (Elton John & Anastacia)
  24. Greed (Alice Cooper)
  25. Angel Eyes (Slim white thighs) (Whitesnake)
  26. Weeping Willow (Chris Isaak)
  27. I Sometimes Feel (Indie band)
  28. My Heart Misses A Beat (Male fronted R&B)
  29. Heartbreak Baby (Male fronted R&B)
  30. My Cat Named Moggie or Mog (Male country singer)
  31. Too Cool For School (Alice Cooper)
  32. My Baby Won’t Stop Cryin’ (Joe Bonamassa)
  33. I just love it when you give me head (Steel Panther or Spinal Tap)
  34. I Wait For You (Nickelback)