Other Projects



The following is a list of past, present and future projects I have, am or intend to get around to:

  • Early writing: We all have to start somewhere and although it was only a limited release on the 32 Field Hospital duplicator it was my first published material, so it’s only fitting it goes in here……. READ MORE
  • My first short film screenplay:. Based on an idea of four men sitting in a car, waiting to rob a bank, this what I came up with five days later.***** PLEASE BE AWARE THIS SCRIPT CONTAINS A LOT OF SWEARING *****…….. READ MORE
  • Songwriting & Lyrics: With over thirty sets of lyrics ready to have a melody added and two songs already turned into professional demo’s I’m always writing something or working on something…….. READ MORE
  • The Unsired Series: My first novel The Unsired: Vampire Hunter is is available both on this site and all the major bookstores. This will be followed by two further books The Unsired: Vampire Lords and The Unsired: Vampire Enemy. I am also doing a couple of offshoots with some of the characters being so dark and such great fun to write more adventures for……… READ MORE
  • The Rules Of Cricket. While posted in Cyprus to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force upon qualifying as a radiographer, I started the idea of writing my first novel. This was also the time I rehashed “The Rules of Cricket” for the Chistmas show we put on for the troops, based on speech I gave at school about the “in’s & out’s” of the game…….. READ MORE
  • Lendrax; The Ultra Warrior. A sword and sorcery novel with the forces of Darkness taking on the forces of Light.
  • I Spaceman. My answer to Star Wars and Star Trek and a rollicking outer space type of adventure.
  • Protect And Survive. Set slightly in the future the trials and tribulations of being a bodyguard to all the people who actually need protecting and the hazards that working in that situation brings.
  • Vengeance. From the depths of depression, despair and suicide a new demon rises with a special job description supplied by his new trident wielding boss. The devil has a new plaything and the angels are not happy about it.
  • How To Run A Successful Quiz Night. Having run quiz nights all over the world for charity/fundraising events, for radio shows or just for social gatherings. I thought it was about time I handed over some of the things I’ve learned about putting it all together.

Watch this space. I’m sure something else will pop into my head before I finish all the above maybe I’ll write my own story, but change it to a novel instead of an autobiography so I can water it down a bit and change names to protect the guilty.