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Jumping on the bandwagon as just a vampire novelist

So let me be honest here, in the last few years Vampire’s as they say have become the new black. Everywhere you turn you have new vampire stories hitting you through every kind of media. The cinema and television have several different approaches to them, and the book shops have […]

Just a vampire novelist

Brisbane Supanova 2013

Okay, promotional T shirt, check, Business cards with book details on, check, Vampire red eye contact lenses, check, vampire fangs, check, hot looking girlfriend in cut down version of the promotional T-shirt, check, all set, then lets go. The annual Geek/Nerd/dress up and meet the stars event called Supanova hits […]

Fright Night

Okay, I loved the original Fright Night with Roddy Mcdowell and Chris Sarandon, it was well done and had some great special effects. I have the DVD in my collection and am still looking for the follow up Fright Night part 2 to be released on DVD as it was […]



Marvel resign Blade and The Punisher film rights

Just a quick post to let those of you who were not already aware that Marvel have now resigned the movie rights to both Blade and the Punisher, so hopefully we will see both developed into new films sometime soon. No word on if Wesley Snipes will be involved with […]

Daybreakers Movie

One of the bigger budgeted films in the recent refashioning of the vampire movie, not without some good and interesting plot points, but overall I was a little disappointed in it. One of my pet hates is someone turning into a vampire two seconds after they are bitten and the […]



Frank Langella as Dracula yet Tony Haygarth rocked

Just picked up a cheap DVD of the late 70’s early 80’s version of Dracula starring Frank Langella and Sir Laurence Olivier haven’t seen it since it’s original release and I recall Kate Nelligan coming to my attention in it. I recently watched the DVD of Dracula that the BBC […]

Underworld 4th Instalment Coming

Just read over the weekend in the latest SFX that the fourth instalment of the Underworld films will be hitting cinema’s early in 2012. Being a huge fan of the first three films this is obviously exciting news to a vampire novelist like myself. There are two main reasons for […]


Twilight Vampires

Since I’ve set up my vampires as scientifically different creatures to us regular humans rather than being some supernatural entity I thought I’d confer with you all about your thoughts on the matter. As some of you may be aware I’ve used the following slogan on my promotional stuff. ”The Unsired […]

Welcome to the Unsired Blog

Throw away your crucifix, for it will not protect you, not in this chillingly original take on the vampire legend. It’s a tale of bloody revenge that will expose the modern day workings of the Vampire Clans, and their constant war with those that would hunt them to extinction. A […]