Marvel resign Blade and The Punisher film rights

Just a quick post to let those of you who were not already aware that Marvel have now resigned the movie rights to both Blade and the Punisher, so hopefully we will see both developed into new films sometime soon.

No word on if Wesley Snipes will be involved with Blade again… perhaps I should work on a script for it, I’m thinking of pitting a samurai wielding Wesley as Blade against Marvel resign Blade and The Punisher film rightsa bloodsucking Tax agent vampire, but maybe he’s getting a bit too “long in the tooth” to play Blade now. Okay no more puns or I may lose my head.

The first three films had that rare quality of improving in each outing with Kris Kristofferson being a particularly able sidekick in his ”Whistler” character. Also who can forget pretty boy pop star drummer Luke Goss getting to act in the second one alongside the ever reliable Ron Perlman before they both worked on Hellboy 2 together.

Blade-Vs-PunisherMy favorite had to be the third film though as Dominic Purcell was great as an ancient world weary Dracula, Parker Posey simply shone, being so wickedly evil yet so vulnerable and weak in Dracula’s presence and Ryan Reynolds as a wisecracking vampire hunter gave great comic relief as well as almost stealing the film from Snipes. Being a guy though I have to mention Jessica Biel playing Whistlers daughter was more than just eye candy to pad the film out, she moved really well and in the DVD extra’s when she hit the target with her bow and arrow wrecking the camera lens in the process, she proved she’d put in the training required to fit the role.

Following on from that I must say the TV Series Blade was a bit of a double edged sword as the actual Blade character played by Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones was under utilised in the programme and came across as more of a supporting character leaving Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson and Emily Hurst to not only have all the best scenes and dialogue, but all three became the central focus of the show.

I thought all three of them were excellent in their roles and made the show well worth watching, so I was genuinely surprised when it was cancelled. Maybe if they hadn’t used the Blade tag, but simply called it Vampires it could have done better, as without Wesley Snipes and without giving Jones anything to do other than scowl a lot, it was never going to appease the die hard Blade film and comic fans who would have expected the character to be front and centre to the story.

I actually met Marv Wolfman the guy who created Blade for Marvel comics at a Supernova Convention in Brisbane a couple of years back and asked him what he thought of the TV Series. Unfortunately the Brisbane heat and packed convention left him very uncomfortable and he wasn’t keen to engage in conversation as he simply stated that he hadn’t seen any of the TV show, and was no longer involved with Marvel.

Whatever happens with Blade I just hope whoever gets to hold the reins uses the comic book as its source rather than trying to reinvent the character, as the reason he became popular was because people enjoyed those stories and the history they gave him.

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