Jumping on the bandwagon as just a vampire novelist

So let me be honest here, in the last few years Vampire’s as they say have become the new black. Everywhere you turn you have new vampire stories hitting you through every kind of media. The cinema and television have several different approaches to them, and the book shops have adult, young adult and even kiddies books about them. So am I not just jumping on the band wagon to cash in on their popularity?

Well hopefully I’m not, you see this is my first novel and while I have always liked vampire and horror films in general, cashing in on the “all things vampire” craze was not my intention. The reason I chose to enter into this genre first of all was because I thought I’d come up with a cracking story, that would interest not just vampire and horror fans, but would also appeal to fans of adventure stories and thrillers like James Bond too. I was very mindful of the fact that I could possibly be seen as jumping on the bandwagon and it was partly for that reason I thought long and hard before deciding it was the right thing to do.

To explain this reasoning further, I don’t want to be just a vampire novelist, and I don’t want to write in any other name as some other authors have had to, due to being pigeon holed by their fans. In order to find out if I have what it takes to be a successful novelist I’ve decided to pitch in with the current flavor of the month, to see if I sink or swim. If I’m any good then I’m confident people will read and recommend my work and my dream of becoming a writer full time will begin, if not then I’ll have a pretty good indication that I’m nothing more than mediocre, and I can get on to something else to make my mark. If this is incredibly brave or totally stupid has yet to be decided, and if I do fail it won’t be from lack of trying believe you me.

My plan is now to complete the second book in the trilogy before then going off in a different tangent to write an action and adventure novel based on a futuristic body guard scenario I’ve worked on. I then intend to return to the third novel in the series which will hopefully include something even more original than my scientifically based vampire lore. Then it’s the sword and sorcery saga I’ve been working on the longest that will be pushed to the head of the list. I’m then considering one or two spin off options from The Unsired as some of the characters I’ve written in that story have proved to be a particular delight to delve into the darker depths of my imagination with. When actors and actresses state how much fun it is to play the bad guys and get in touch with their evil personas, I can now really relate to what they are saying. Maybe the lure of the dark side will be too much for me to resist and I’ll end up losing myself in the world of the vampire’s once again.

I have a story like a cross between Star Wars and Star Trek that will be my first foray into a science fiction adventure and while avoiding vampires I will be writing a different kind of horror story about a guy tricked into working for the devil in order to free his daughter’s soul from hell.

At some stage I plan to write a book on how to run a successful quiz night, and I’m also considering putting the trials and tribulations of my actual life into a novel rather than an auto-biography as some of the stuff I’ve been through will have to be watered down to bring it into the realms of believability and protect the guilty parties involved.

So there you go if you enjoy “The Unsired: Book One – Vampire Hunter” then more may and is planned to follow, or I may simply just dry up and blow away like Dracula’s ashes at the end of one of those old Hammer horror movies. Only time will tell.

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