Artist Inspirations



Art is such an incredibly strong medium and each of these incredible talents below have been Artist Inspirations for me. Whether it is inspiring a character or a storyline or in the case of Avelina DeMoray providing the stunning cover art for my first book. Each and every one has helped shape my imagination and in some small way had a big enough effect upon me to make me want to write stories or songs and invent characters like they have.

Boris Vellejo ArtworkBoris Vallejo & Julie Bell: I first discovered Boris through his poster and post card series and in particular the girl’s bottom being Boris & Julie licked by the little demon on the bar of soap she is holding. I now have about four books featuring his artwork and am constantly amazed at both his and Julie’s work either alone or together. The distinctive look with the musculature and fine lines they draw in their characters inspire me to take the look of those characters into my head and weave them into the stories I write.

Luis Royo ArtworkLuis Royo: When it comes to artwork of the darker variety but with stunning female forms then Luis has it down to quite literally a fine art. Having discovered his work through Heavy Metal magazine I am glad to see he has now found such great success and recognition. One of my aspirations is to one day write a book worthy of his artwork on the cover.

Gerald Brom ArtworkGerald Brom: Not as well-known as Boris or Luis, but still darkly talented when it comes to painting people and creatures I use as inspiration for characters in my writing. Another person I would love to be featuring on a book cover bearing my name.

Avelina: Having started to look around for some artwork to spruce up my website I was genuinely shocked and surprised to discover this young lady’s work on several sites. On contacting her she happily approved my request to use some of her images and I’m also hopeful that I can get her to do the covers for the three Unsired books. Her work is the closest thing I’ve yet seen to the characters in my head, and has truly inspired more from me.

The Unsired