Fright Night

Okay, I loved the original Fright Night with Roddy Mcdowell and Chris Sarandon, it was well done and had some great special effects. I have the DVD in my collection and am still looking for the follow up Fright Night part 2 to be released on DVD as it was also a film I really enjoyed at the time. So now they have gone and done a remake on it …… SACRILEGE

Fright-Night-Take-2Okay enough ranting back to the comments… the hero is just the right shade of nerd mixed with an okay kid, the girl is great, the vampire this time is played by Colin Farrell. Colin shot to fame as if from nowhere and did some interesting stuff like “Phone Booth”, “SWAT”, and “Minority Report”, then took the fall for “Alexander”. Since then he has crept back in with some minor and quirky roles in “Horrible Bosses”, “In Brugge” etc. To be honest I reckon this role suited him perfectly and he played it brilliantly, he even got to do a scene with Chris Sarandon from the original film which was great to see. He bought just enough menace to the role without overdoing it like he did with Bullseye in the mess that was Daredevil, and used his suave Irish charm to appeal to Toni Collette as the Mom.

The script was re vamped nicely to include the best impersonation of Russel Brand I have ever seen by ex Dr Who star David Tennant. Tennant took the role of Peter Vincent to new territory by being a Las Vegas Showman rather than a Friday Night Horror show host. The changes to the script work well, and add a new dimension to the film while maintaining some of the same dynamics that made the original so much fun. Yes there is lots of gore and plenty of blood and the effects are all well done. I’m happy to recommend it as a film well worth watching.

Welcome back Colin Farrell, you are worth watching once more, and David Tennant should get more work in the states, as his profile can only rise with this stint following on from Dr Who as long as we forget the St Trinians mess he was involved in, (it was probably where he learned how to play Russel Brand so well though having co starred with him, so maybe it wasn’t such a loss after all). It’s not going to win an Oscar  but it is a good Friday night horror/comedy that will go well with a crowd of people a few beers and a pizza. I’ll give it 8/10 and look forward to the second film being remade as well too.

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