Daybreakers Movie

One of the bigger budgeted films in the recent refashioning of the vampire movie, not without some good and interesting plot points, but overall I was a little disappointed in it.


One of my pet hates is someone turning into a vampire two seconds after they are bitten and the way the vampire antidote is suddenly transferred in this film falls into a similar category.

One redeeming point is Sam Neill as the main baddie, not only was this excellent casting, but he was both convincing and repellant as the morally bankrupt vampire leader pulling the strings.

I still feel that if the vampire numbers had got to the stage where their prey ‘the humans’ were no longer in the majority, then the vampire elders would have set about culling their own to ensure a manageable balance was maintained.

I did like the bit where any vampire hungry enough to feed on their own blood was transformed into something more animalistic and ferocious, so as I said it does have some redeeming points.

One actor who I would normally describe as excellent and interesting is Willem Dafoe who I first saw in Streets Of Fire and thought was excellent in both Platoon and Spiderman. Here he is a totally wasted talent and would surely have made either the Ethan Hawke role far more interesting or should have played a role as a sneaky head of secret police vampire or something similar as he makes a far better bad guy than a hero.

Overall I rated the film as a 6/10 and have not added it to my own movie collection as once seen was enough for me.

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